Our Story

In my teenage years, I aspired to become a graphic designer after college. Eventually, I lost sight of my artistic pursuits and chose another route to find success in life. I spent my twenties chasing after the mainstream definition of success. No matter how much time and effort I invested in my goals, I was still unhappy and questioned if I would ever find the professional happiness I desired. 

While working in IT, I fell sick and had to quit my job. Shortly after that, I felt guided by my inner light or gut feeling, urging me to make health a priority and to stop comparing my life to others. I began letting go of the quintessential societal rules and expectations that I allowed to define my happiness. From there, my spiritual groand healing journey was birthed. During this time, I was called to create art, igniting my forgotten passion for creativity. 

I started creating sacred geometry symbols artwork with visuals and amassed a following after posting my work on social media. This journey has helped heal my sickness and showed me that everyone's life unfolds differently. It also stimulated greater understanding on the importance of being non-judgmental and embracing individual experience and passion. 

My art has been a vital component in my journey and creativity that I now want to share with my following. I'm very proud to have created my brand, Zurhy (means light), and I hope this journey will last many lifetimes. 

Zurhy is a collection of abstract pieces that are colorful interpretations of healing geometry symbols. All of the prints are printed in-house in California, using high-quality archival paper and ink, hand-cut, and packaged with care. I hope my art finds a place in your life and brings joy to you and your loved ones for years to come.