Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Our universe is filled with geometrical shapes. The circles, the squares, and the triangles are everywhere around us, even within our bodies. Our minds are designed in such a manner that we love seeing things in geometry and symmetry. Geometrical arts impact the brain so profoundly that people have soothing and hypnotizing effects while looking at them. If you have ever been to a holistic center and seen geometric healing art, then you know how magnificent it looks. Well, these arts are not only aesthetic but hold many profound meanings inside their strokes.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is the science of understanding the spiritual meaning behind various shapes. It can be applied to the shapes, numbers and patterns found throughout the universe. The captivating precision of sunflower’s petals, the distribution of tree branches, the fascinating design of a snowflake, the structure of hurricanes, and the pattern of the atoms are a few examples of sacred geometry in nature. Sacred geometry can be found on a microscopic as well as astronomical level - in the stars and orbiting planets.

Sacred geometry is the universe's connecting element that binds us all together. It is an ancient science that examines and describes the energy rhythms that create and unite the whole universe. Simply observing the sacred geometric patterns and colors playing out in our life can have profound positive effects on our body, mind, and spirit. So, it is also referred to as healing geometry.

Sacred Geometry in all Faiths

Sacred geometry is ancient and is connected to all faiths. The concept that the cosmos follows a complex geometric pattern stretches back to ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures. If you explore the ancient architecture of all faiths, you will observe an intricate use of geometric healing art. In Islamic culture, you will find complex structures of intercalated circles and squares, which are also often used in calligraphy. In Agamas, all the Hindu temples and idols have sacred geometry in their creation. Similarly, all the medieval cathedrals are based on geometries, especially the use of a circle for their base. Many cultures engraved the healing chambers with magnificent healing geometry.

The geometry used in designing and constructing religious places like churches, temples, mosques, monuments, altars, and tabernacles has sometimes been considered sacred.