Sacred Geometric Shapes

Sacred Geometric Shapes

Some Sacred Geometry Symbols and Shapes

Each sacred shape has its own meaning and importance. Each form may also be found in various crystals and corresponds to certain Chakras. Understanding how these shapes and colors interact with your physical and spiritual formation is the basis of using these shapes in your daily lives.


The triangle represents a higher degree of awareness. Because the tip points upward, the triangle assists us in reaching deeper into our spirituality. Each side of the triangle is required for the other to function properly, indicating harmony and unity. Pyramids are the only one of seven wonders of the ancient world still standing today because of the inclusion of triangles in their geometry. Pyramids have such an accurate geometry that they seamlessly connect to the earth’s vibration and harmonics.

Triangles promote stability in your physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Triangle is in the center of five chakras, excluding the sacral and crown chakra.


The circle is the shape that can sum up all other shapes inside it. It represents the never-ending flow of life and infinite energy. Association with a circle means that you are the container of everything.

Spheres assist in bringing order out of chaos and act as a spiritual glue to rebalance shattered and imbalanced objects. It is closely associated with the throat chakra for bringing balance.


Of all the sacred shapes, the square is the most stable. It is a grounding structure that can help you feel connected, aware, and peaceful.

Square aligns best with the root chakra in representing structure, stability, and grounding, creating the firm foundation of all chakras.

Geometry underpins everything, and these forms resonate inside and among us. Sacred geometry is an excellent way to heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit.